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Jennifer Garcia Bashaw

I am a professor, minister, author, and public scholar. My main areas of study and writing are New Testament studies, the work of René Girard, and biblical interpretation. I am a Nerd-in-Residence for The Bible for Normal People podcast and enjoy preaching and teaching in various settings.

About Me

Jennifer Garcia Bashaw (Ph.D., Fuller Seminary) is Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Ministry at Campbell University in North Carolina. She is an ordained American Baptist minister and in addition to periodically preaching, she enjoys training and resourcing pastors. Dr. Bashaw has a passion for teaching the Bible on a lay level and contributes social media content to outlets such as The Bible for Normal People and Baptist News Global. She is the author of Scapegoats: The Gospel through the Eyes of Victims and John for Normal People: A Guide through the Depth and Drama of the Fourth Gospel.



In this thoughtfully researched, playful commentary, Jennifer Garcia Bashaw illuminates the theological world of John’s Gospel and explores what we might learn about Jesus when we are attentive to the text. Recreating key passages as theatrical scenes, Bashaw dramatically illustrates John’s narrative brilliance, and draws on biblical scholarship to explore the stories behind the story.
Continuing The Bible for Normal People’s mission to make the best in biblical scholarship accessible to all people, this commentary unpacks issues of authorship, dating, redaction history, cultural and social contexts, historical background, and narrative criticism to uncover Jesus as the author of John’s Gospel understood him. If you want to learn more about this unique Gospel,

and the Jesus it portrays, this book is for you.

Public Scholarship



The Gospel through the Eyes of Victims Paperback



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